Make Your Own Outdoor Poker Table

game-tableIf you have a nice garden, or at least a garden area that has the potential to be nice, and you enjoy playing poker, why not make yourself an outdoor poker table to enjoy a game and a few beers outside over those balmy summer evening? Of course, you can play poker on any old garden table, but there is nothing quite like playing on the nice felt surface of a good quality poker table. And it is actually pretty easy to make an outdoor poker table. You can basically choose any style you like, though personally I am a fan of big chunky wood for garden furniture so in my example I will go with that.

The most important element to your poker table is of course the surface. And even if you have the table under a roof in a gazebo structure or roofed patio you will still want to protect your surface from the elements and insects who will otherwise destroy your beautiful felt playing surface in no time. The usual approach is to make a detachable surface which you place on a table. We’re going to go one step better than that. The problem with a detachable surface is that although it is a solution, it is a bit of a pain. You have to store it somewhere convenient indoors so it is not in the way but easy to get to. If it is up in the attic you will never use it. You then have to lug it out, fit it and then lug it back and put it back wherever you store it afterwards. Pain.

A far better solution is an air-tight wooden cover for your poker table surface. You have a multi-purpose garden table for meals and drinks most of the time. And when you want to play you simply take off the air-tight surface to reveal the playing surface beneath and prop it up somewhere nearby to put back on afterwards. If you are fairly accomplished in DIY you can follow our accomplished guide to creating the airtight surface and cover. Alternatively, you can build your table and buy the cover. Either way, prepare yourself for an enjoyable summer of garden poker.